SafeRyde is a rideshare service for children that is state of the art, and will change the course of ridesharing completely. Our aim is to fill a  gap in rideshare by focusing on an untapped area of service that other popular services have not successfully addressed, the transportation of children between the ages of 8-17 years of age.


With SafeRyde there is the ease of knowing that your child will be picked up and dropped off in an efficient and reliable manner.  All efforts will be made to ensure promptness of your child’s arrival at their destination, however there will be a parental alert should the vehicle have to go off the scheduled route.


As a SafeRyde parent (Scheduler), you will have a current photo and profile of your child’s driver. You will also receive a photo and information regarding the driver’s vehicle ( color, year, make and model).   


One of the great advantages of our service is to give you, the parent (Scheduler), options as you contact us for service. As a scheduler, you will have the option to schedule a "single" ride, by entering your child's name and selecting their pickup and drop-off locations.  In addition, we also have an option for those who would like to "carpool". This great option is available to schedule pickup and drop-offs for 3 additional children and because they ride together, we charge you less. You simply send them an invite, add their names, pickup and dropoff locations and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much time and money 'carpooling' can save you.


Our state of the art equipment allows us to track each ride, live, using GPS. Our service also receives live driving data to ensure the driver is driving safely. This data includes any aggressive driving, hard stops, speeding and accidents. These added features are to help you have that extra peace of mind while your child is in our driver’s care.