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How It Works

Parent schedules a ride for kids and can track the ride progress in real time. Its like magic. Entire ride is monitored live! Leave the driving to us. Schedule a single ride or carpool with the children of your friends and family members. Carpooling with friends and family is our new service that saves you money and gives kids and parents a sense of ride sharing community! SafeRyde is revolutionizing ride sharing with innovative technology. We are providing families the peace of mind and assurance that their children are in the hands of responsible and caring drivers that are dedicated to getting them to and from their destinations with safety as our highest priority.  How our service works is very simple. To sign up as a driver go to to create an account. You will then download the SafeRyde app from either the iTunes or Google Play store. If you are a parent go to and follow the instructions to set up your account. You'll be ready to ride in no time. 




To schedule your ride, please select either "Carpool" or "Exclusive Ride" (but be sure to book your ride no later than 3pm the day before pickup). For an "Exclusive Ride", simply select your child's name and select their pickup and drop-off location. You will then receive an alert confirming your rates. If you choose to "Carpool", you will send a carpool invite to a maximum of three friends. Then add your pickup and drop-off locations. Once completed you will receive an alert confirming your carpool and your rates.



Once you have scheduled your ride and your driver accepts you will receive the profile of your driver that includes their name, a recent photo, brief bio, vehicle info along with a photo of the vehicle.



Here's where technology meets peace of mind. Once your child is picked up, you will be notified (you will also receive notification when your child is dropped off). Our state of the art application allows us to track each ride, live, using GPS. This simply means that you can check in on your child, in the vehicle, in real time. This added feature allows you to always be aware of your child's progress toward their destination. As an added benefit our service also receives live driving data to ensure the driver is driving safely and adhering to the rules of the road.



After your ride is complete, we would love to hear from you. Please help us to help you, by rating your experience. We welcome your feedback so that we can always be aware of our members' thoughts, concerns and suggestions.