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SafeRyde Terms & Conditions


1. Agreement to Contractual Terms (& subsequent changes)

By using “our” (“SafeRyde’s” ,”we”,” us”) services you agree to adhere to the binding agreement that governs the use of our website, application and other services we offer. You also agree that any modifications to these “terms of service” would also be binding upon you and may change from time to time. We will notify you of any changes via your email address on file with us. If you do not agree with these terms you will not be able to use SafeRyde’s services.

2. Our Services

SafeRyde, Inc is a service which connects a (“rider”) with a third party driver who will provide you with transportation to your destination. SafeRyde is not the transportation provider, carrier or servicer. Your arrangement will be made when you are connected to a “Driver” who will provide the transportation service.

3. Create an Account

Accessing SafeRyde’s website is easy. If you are a parent or guardian ("Scheduler"), simply access on your desktop to create an account. Once set up, you are ready to schedule rides for one child (exclusive) or up to 3 additional children (carpool). Since SafeRyde’s service is geared toward those from 8-17 years of age, they are the “riders”. Under no circumstances, however, can anyone under the age of 18 create an account or schedule a ride. After creating the account, the parent or guardian ("Scheduler") will be responsible for all services created between the "Scheduler" and the third party “Driver”.

4. Deactivation of Account/Termination

Access to our services may be discontinued or terminated based on our discretion. “Scheduler" may cancel their account at any time, however some scheduler information may remain on file. SafeRyde maintains the right to change or terminate their services with or without notice. There shall be no liability to any person, entity or third party if such occurs.

5. Limited Liability-Arbitration Agreement-Dispute Resolution

You (“Scheduler”) agree to hold harmless, SafeRyde Inc and its affiliates (which does not include “Driver”), from all claims regarding misuse of SafeRyde’s Terms & Conditions. You also agree to hold SafeRyde Inc harmless in regards to any losses, damages, expenses, negligence's, etc for circumstances outside of SafeRyde’s control and the parameters set forth in this agreement. This agreement also sets forth that you will abide by mandatory arbitration agreement, in the settlement of any claim not resolved by lesser informal means. In the event that mandatory arbitration is needed by either party, it is agreed that written notice be sent to the other party describing the basis of the claim and the desired disposition.

6. "Scheduler" Requirements

"Schedulers" are responsible for arranging all rides for their "rider's". Scheduler must complete all family information forms in their entirety, including emergency contact information for the rider, before they can use our service. Scheduler must comply with, and ensure that their rider understands and complies, with all rules and regulations set forth in this agreement. They must also ensure that rider is at the appointed place at the appointed time as agreed by Scheduler and Driver. "Scheduler" must inform SafeRyde of any specific instructions or health needs of "rider" that Driver would need to be aware of. Scheduler must be sure to make applicable arrangements prior to pick up or drop-off of rider in regards to getting permissions, passwords etc. SafeRyde reserves the right to refuse, terminate or suspend any Scheduler and/or Rider from our services. Scheduler must arrange all rides through our website. At no time can scheduler arrange rides directly through the Driver. Every opportunity to match a driver with a schedulers request will be made, however, there is NO GUARANTEE that the ride will commence. Once a match is made, the Scheduler will receive information regarding the available Driver. Please note that there are specific guidelines for cancelling a ride request. These guidelines are already set up within our terms. Charges and/or fees may be assessed based on time period or reason for cancellation. In signing with our service, you agree to those charges.

7. Fees & Fares

All estimated fees and fares will be acknowledged prior to scheduling or accepting a “ride”. Each ride has a base fee of $1.00 which is SafeRyde's Service fee. The remainder of ride prices will vary based on the type of service you request, the location, time, date etc. “Scheduler” agrees to have fare charged to their preferred payment method as set up in their initial account with SafeRyde. Three hours prior to the scheduled ride, the Scheduler's payment method will be charged. If the scheduler cancels the ride prior to the three hour window, they will not be charged. If ride is cancelled within the 3 hour window, they will be assessed the full ride rate. No refund is applicable in this instance.

8. Insurance

SafeRyde will maintain all liability limits and insurance coverage mandated by law for a driver’s vehicle use while conducting a SafeRyde application (ride).

9. Feedback

How are we doing? SafeRyde is interested in hearing from you regarding our services. We welcome your feedback, so be sure to note any comments and/or suggestions that may help us improve our service to you.